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Kathryn Brown is a retired captain with the San Francisco Police Department. She is currently working on a collection of short stories based on her experiences while working in high crime areas of the city, particularly the Tenderloin. Her intention is to take the reader beyond the surface experience of interactions between police and the public, to provide a deeper understanding of the psychological and perhaps spiritual impact of those encounters.

Her story “Misty” appears at Two Hawks Quarterly and you can read her story "Ambushed" online at the Baltimore Review or in the 2016 print edition.

Jenny Clover has been a schoolteacher, a health educator, a gemologist and jewelry designer, a book-seller, a veterinary receptionist, and a professional salesperson, but her commitment to writing is the reason she gets out of bed in the morning. She writes short stories and personal essays, and is currently working on a novel. Frequent moves, growing up in Iowa, and a perfectionist mother have given her plenty of source material.

Her short story“Smog Check" is here on Persimmon Tree and Hippocampus magazine published “Beagle On My Knee," a story from her collection of veterinary stories, "Front Desk." She lives in Richmond, CA. with her veterinarian husband. In September 2015 Jenny read a story at the reading series Why There are Words in Sausalito. She has a story forthcoming in The Examined Life journal.

Christie B. Cochrell is an ardent lover of the play of light, the journeyings of 
time, things ephemeral and ancient. Her work has been published by Tin House and New Letters, among others, and has won several awards including the Dorothy Cappon Prize for the Essay and the Literal Latté Short Short Contest. She has written three novels, currently seeking publication; one was shortlisted for the Eludia Award given by Hidden River Arts. Her short story “The Pinecone” received Honorable Mention in the Glimmer Train March/April 2016 Very Short Fiction contest. Her poetry has been published by Red Bird Chapbooks and her flash prose has been published by 
101 Words and Dime Show Review. 
Be sure to visit her blog: http://writingwithlight-bonnard3.blogspot.com/

Christopher P. DeLorenzo loves the way chocolate melts on the tongue, harmonizes with Madonna in commuter traffic, and craves the scent of Michelia trees. He holds an MA in fiction writing, leads multi-genre writing workshops in the Amherst Writers and Artists method, and teaches at the University of San Francisco. Chris has published poetry, prose, and personal essays in several magazines, including Karamu, The Rockhurst Review, and Bluestem. He has written three novel manuscripts and is currently at work on a memoir cookbook. 

For more information about Chris, his workshops and the retreats, please see www.laguna-writers.com.

Carol Harada is a healing practitioner at Deep River Healing and a member of Laguna Writers community in San Francisco. She incorporates awareness of healing and creative processes into her short stories and novel-in-progress. Carol’s work has been published in Quail Bell Magazine; Gravel; Fickle Muses; Still Point Arts Quarterly; The Saturday Evening Post; Bryant Literary Review; FlashFlood Journal; Lake: a Collection of Voices, volumes 4, 5, and 6; and Birdland Journal and Dime Show Review. She has read at the esteemed literary series Why There Are Words and Bay Area Generations. Some excerpts of her novels-in-progress are available at http://www.carolharadacreates.com

Stephanie Noble's poems have been published in the The Buddhist Poetry Review, Light of Consciousness Magazine, The Mindful Word, Atlanta Review, IthacaLit, DoveTales, Pilgrimage Magazine, Temenos Journal, the Marin Poetry Center Anthology, 2010 through 2016, the anthology Unsilenced, the Spirit of Women and other publications. She was a 2014 Pushcart Prize nominee.
She has a BA in Humanities from New College of California and is a member of the ongoing Poetic Pilgrimage class at College of Marin, led by Marin County poet laureate Prartho Sereno.
Stephanie teaches insight meditation in San Rafael, California and is the author of Tapping the Wisdom Within, A Guide to Joyous Living. Learn more at https://stephanienoble.com/

Sharon H. Smith is curious, seeks out new experiences, and has a drive to share them. She lives in San Francisco and West Sonoma with her husband, photographer David Wakely, and their Forestville home—affectionately known as Birdland—is the site of the writing retreats/culinary extravaganzas that she co-produces with Chris DeLorenzo. She co-edits Birdland Journal, featuring pieces written by retreat participants.

A writer/poet, Sharon participates in Chris's weekly Laguna Writers workshops. Her poetry and flash prose have been published by Haunted Waters Press, Laguna Writers of San Francisco, Juddhill.com, Gravel  and The Eunoia ReviewHer manuscript, Held—a book about her father written in the Haibun style—will be published in 2017 by Red Bird Chapbooks. Savorsmith, her business, is based on everything she loves—food, travel, books, and the creative spirit. You can learn more about it at www.savorsmith.com.

Elizabeth Terzakis has had a short story published in the New England Review, and the first chapter of her unpublished novel, The Most Pragmatic of Predictions, appeared in San Francisco State University's Transfer magazine.  She holds MA degrees in English Literature and Creative Writing from Brown and Hollins Universities and teaches composition, adult reading, and creative writing. She has published articles on the global AIDS crisis, human nature, capital punishment and free speech. Her fiction has been published by Rozlyn Press and Minerva Rising Journal and is forthcoming in Solstice Literary Magazine and Prick of the Spindle. Writing is quite literally her favorite thing to do.

Debra Lynn Turner has written short fiction, poetry and a one-act play, “Very Private Party" produced in the 2007 Fringe of Marin Festival.

Her unpublished novel, Driving Mother Home, was described by Jennifer Reese, former book critic for Entertainment Weekly, as “an excellent book. A well-told story about midlife, the end of life, and how important it is to find the truth and live it."

Her short story "Foam" was a runner up in Rosebud Magazine's 2011 Imaginative Fiction contest. The contest's judge Kij Johnson said of Debra's story,

“Foam is gorgeous and delicate, so carefully and beautifully observed. I was particularly impressed with her descriptions of setting, and how natural the characters seemed. She straddles the line between the real and the numinous here."

Her stories have also been published by Soundings Review, Trajectory and Edge, the literary journal of Tahoe Writers Works, as well as in the 2015 issue of DoveTales; an International Journal of the Arts.

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