Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Success Story

Way back in May of 2015 I wrote a post that explored various alternatives to getting your work published, including submitting your story or poem as an audio piece. Or participating in a reading at your local library or bookstore or an open mic event.

Sometimes I work with a client who is looking ahead to getting a book published and they enlist my help to build a publishing history and bring attention to their work. I submit their poems, short stories or memoir pieces in hopes that something will be accepted. Sometimes it works!

Case in point: Writers' Wings client Susan Isa Efros. Her fabulous book of short stories, Girls Gone Astray has just been published. It includes a gem of a little story called "Footface." Early this year I submitted that story to and they accepted it, publishing it before her book came out. Success!

Last weekend I attended Susan's book launch event and it was stellar. Susan puts forth exuberance and a theatrical flair as she reads her stories, holding her audience rapt and timing the funny bits with exquisite accuracy, getting big laughs and nods of appreciation. She brings her stories alive in the room.

I'm sharing this with you, dear readers, to remind you to think beyond the printed page or pixels and imagine yourself with your friends and new fans as you bring your words to life. And if you feel intimidated maybe it would help to think back, as I often do, to the pleasure of story time in grade school. That wonderful feeling of being transported to another time, or another world. Your audience awaits!

-Yours in words,

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