Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Third Way to Publish?

Just saw this interesting article posted on Digital Journal about a new presence in the industry called Something or Other Publishing.

With three of its first four books achieving "#1 Rated Hot New Release" status on, an impressive diversity of titles in development, and a burgeoning international presence, Something or Other Publishing (SOOP) is increasingly making its mark out on the publishing frontier. 

Built to bridge the gap between traditional publishing and self-publishing, SOOP's unique model identifies what readers want and publishes the writers who can deliver. SOOP's process encourages, educates, and empowers writers to achieve success as they define it. The company calls its approach "author-driven book publishing," and it helps writers hone their product (manuscript), platform (marketing), and pitch (sales).

"SOOP's approach is a really nice fit for today's publishing environment," said Eric Mondschein, author Life at 12 College Road, an engaging memoir about growing up in 1950s and 60s America, and SOOP's latest title to make a splash on Amazon. "It's a good balance of hands-on support and independent learning that should pay dividends for both parties, particularly in the long-run."

Rather than accept traditional manuscript submissions, SOOP turns writers' book ideas into marketing platforms through its website. The company's democratized selection process registers votes, which elevate writers through a stair-step model toward publishing contract eligibility. The increasingly valuable free benefits and education the writers receive include information-packed self-help guides, a book consultation, a manuscript assessment, a blog post feature on the SOOP site, a marketing consultation, an author website, and more.

In addition to focusing on author education, SOOP empowers writers by integrating high-leverage, low-risk methods such as crowdfunding into its business model, and by focusing resources effectively on the success of the project. Writers who publish with SOOP can save tens of thousands of dollars as compared to what they would pay with other publishers.

"Our goal was to build a team around the writer, with each member aligned on the right goal at the optimal time. That creates a tremendous synergy," said Wade Fransson, founder of SOOP. "And it helps us to achieve our mission of giving every writer a voice."

SOOP offers full-service publishing and marketing services to authors who work through its program. The company also offers independent author services (editing, design, marketing, and more) a la carte to anyone, via an online services marketplace.

About Something or Other Publishing: 

Something or Other Publishing, LLC is a new concept in publishing that seeks to connect authors and readers like never before. Its democratized selection process and subsequent focus on author education, empowerment, and encouragement is designed to provide a platform for a new generation of talented writers. The company is based in Madison, Wisconsin.

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